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Rosewood’s IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Course offers comprehensive training to RNs, LVNs, EMTs, and other licensed professionals who provide IV services. This curriculum imparts valuable knowledge on various topics, including different types of IV access, understanding IV fluid composition, calculating flow rates, and mastering blood withdrawal techniques. Our meticulous focus ensures trainees understand the practical applications and theoretical aspects of these critical healthcare procedures, from venipuncture safety protocols to correct handling, storage, and labeling of blood samples.

Another pivotal aspect of the course covers potential complications that can arise from intravenous therapy and venipuncture. Trainees will be equipped to identify, prevent, and manage issues like phlebitis, infiltration, air embolism, hematomas, and infections. This course is meticulously designed to prepare participants for the real-world setting and confidently undertake the national IV certification exam.

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